Do and Don't


  1. Visiting Portugal requires obtaining a Schengen visa. Holders of regular passports are required to apply for a visit visa, while holders of Diplomatic or Special passports are exempt.
  2. Some European countries refuse entry of tourists holding a visa issued by one of the EU countries without passing by the country of issuance.
  3. Abide to the instructions of the police and customs in Lisbon airport as they are strict in applying the rules.
  4. Disclose any amount of cash over ten thousand euros or valuables which are equal to this amount, such as jewelry, to the customs officers, non-disclosure may expose tourist or visitor to questioning of avoiding customs which can lead to legal charges.
  5. Like most countries in the world the airport authorities prevent carrying liquids with the passenger on the plane. For more details, please confirm with the airline carrier.
  6. The Embassy wishes to the Qatari citizens coming to Portugal a pleasant stay and requests them to communicate with the embassy in all cases required.