Most important tourist places:

Lisbon, the  Capital

The city combines modernity, history and tradition, because of the different ages and cultures that have passed it, which can be observed by the many ancient and medieval buildings, museums, and castles, with its old distinctive narrow streets and buildings covered with tiles.

Other landmarks in Lisbon: St. George’s Castle, Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, Downtown district, in addition to some wonderful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean coast, where tourists can find lots of fun activities and entertainment.

Alfama is Lisbon’s most emblematic quartier. The best way to tour Alfama is to climb to the castle and then get off on foot on a tour in the narrow streets down to the river, where Alfama is considered one of the best places for pedestrians and photos. It has a lot of historical and touristic places, as there are many restaurants that offer Fado which is a famous form of Portugal music since 1820.

Around Lisbon, places like Sintra, Estoril  and Cascais are famous by its beaches, hotels, restaurants and monuments.


Porto is considered one of the most beautiful Portuguese and European cities, and an attractive tourist place. It has a calm climate and an important geographical location on the banks of the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean. That’s why it has a lot of old traditional shops, boutiques and seafood restaurants. Porto or Oporto, as it’s known in English, is the second largest Portuguese city and one of the oldest and most beautiful ancient coastal cities in Europe and it is the industrial center in Portugal.

The Algarve region

The Algarve word is derived from the Arabic word meaning the West, and the word has changed over the centuries to be the Algarve.

Tourists will find lots of fun and entertainment in the Algarve, with its many hotels and resorts providing comfort and entertainment for tourists. Portugal generally is characterized by its beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in the Algarve region, all packed with tourists from all over the world looking for the warm sunshine. The Algarve also has a precious historical heritage, with strong Arab influence.

Beaches are filled with water sports games and excellent restaurants. It is also a great shopping destination. It is a resort in both summer and winter: in the summer for lovers of the sun and in winter for fans of sports of golf and tennis.


Faro is a famous city in the Algarve because of the presence of a number of archaeological and historical monuments. It includes a number of museums, churches and a number of ancient buildings dating back to the eighteenth century.

Madeira Island

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira island attracts a lot of tourists with its magnificent coastline, mountains, breathtaking views and parks with exotic flowers.

Azores Islands

The archipelago of the Azores, or the natural paradise as it’s called, consists of nine volcanic islands and is one of the best environments in the world for marine mammals and seabirds.