General Information


Portugal is a Republic located in the southwest of the European continent withborders only with Spain from the east and north, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on the other sides.



Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula and includes the Azores Islands and Madeira Islands, located on the Atlantic Ocean.

Tejo River divides Portugal into two sections: the north with high terrain, cool and humid climate, and the south section with more heat and less rainy climate. Besides Tejo, the most important rivers are Douro, Minho, Guadiana and Mondego, all of which originates in Spain, except the last one. Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain chain on the Portuguese land, while Mount Pico, which has a height of 2351 meters located on the Portuguese Azores Islands, is the highest mountain in Portugal.

Portugal’s climate is temperate and it is one of the hottest European countries, where the sun shines most of the year. The Azores and Madeira Islands have a mild climate, with influences from the warm Gulf Stream.


Portugal’s population is about 10 million inhabitants.

Portugal's population are ethnically homogeneous people, linguistically and religiously.


The official language in Portugal is Portuguese.



Most of the population of Portugal follow the Catholic church.


It is one of the oldest cultures in Europe. It is famous with its architecture and literature. Where it is sometimes called the country of poets due to the number of poets it has. Among the famous Portuguese poets are Luís de Camões and Fernando Pessoa. Fado music is a popular music in the country, which is characterized by its mixture of sadness, pain, happiness and love. The origins of this traditional music comes from sailors, Arabic and African music.



Euro is the official currency, where one Euro is equivalent to 4-6 Qatari Riyals.