Speech of His Excellency the Ambassador on the occasion of the Nacional Day of the State of Qatar


Ladies and Gentlemen

            After the "COVID-19" pandemic threaten our hopes to meet for reasons of prevention and safety, we meet remotely, to celebrate the National Day of Qatar, which its pillars were established as a State of entity by Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani, on this same day of 1878.

            The commemoration of this bright day in the history of Qatar is also a celebration of what a generation after generation the qualitative contributions of the State have achieved to bringing about a rapprochement between the peoples of the world, to cultivate a culture of dialogue and to propagate a culture of tolerance.

            The State of Qatar has been and remains under the leadership of his Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Amir of the country (may God protect him), one of the most prominent contributors to the regional and international growth and development movement. The country is on the list of the largest partners committed to supporting the UN's core resources and lofty goals through Qatar's leading role in responding to humanitarian calls within the framework of international cooperation to face crises and support development projects in several regions of the world under the umbrella of international and regional organizations.

            Since the beginning of the year, The State of Qatar has faced major challenges, but the country has managed, through the wisdom and firm will of its leadership and the determination of its people, to turn the challenges into successes. The State of Qatar has redressed the "COVID- 19' pandemic by its able and efficient health system and high quality medical health-care. It has managed to decrease the casualty and mortality rates, thus recording one of the least mortality rates in the world by means of a system of actions where government agencies have integrated efforts with those of the private sector and civil society organizations.

              In the framework of international cooperation to face the "COVID-19" pandemic, the State of Qatar, since the beginning of the pandemic, has dispatched, without delay, medical assistance through its civilian and military air fleet to more than 70 countries and international organizations, believing that all energies and efforts should be used to confront the pandemic and other humanitarian crises, social challenges and global threats to security, peace and stability for everyone without discrimination.

            Despite the unfair illegal blockade that aims at affecting the sovereignty of Qatar and its economy, the legislative reforms continued with his Highness the Amir of the country declaring holding the Shura Council elections in the country, which is an important step in reinforcing the Qatari consultative traditions and developing the legislation process with a wider participation of citizens.

            In addition, despite the consequences of the "COVID-19" pandemic, the State of Qatar has supported the economic facilities affected by the pandemic, while all major development projects continue to be implemented according to the "Qatar National Vision 2030", especially as the countdown to the last thousand days to host Qatar's 22nd edition of the 2022 football cup competitions has already begun, the unprecedented preparations are ongoing for an ideal Mondial that will amaze the world.     

            The past year has witnessed Qatar's international standing continue to be strengthened, thanks to the intense contribution of its diplomacy to issues of international concern, such as combating terrorism, poverty and climate change, as well as its sponsoring and mediating role in its regional and international environment of resolving and settling many issues and crises in pursuit of international peace and security through dialogue, not violence or the use of weapons.

            Qatar's foreign policy is based on the principles of peaceful coexistence, the spread of a culture of peace, the rule of law, the protection of human rights, the combating of extremism and the promotion of initiatives for dialogue between cultures and peoples.

            The State of Qatar, based on the principles of its foreign policy, has been keen on opening towards various countries and peoples, through an active and calm diplomacy geared to promote international cooperation, the policy of mutual respect and common interests.

Ladies and Gentlemen

            The Qatari-Portuguese relations are based on shared cultural and human values and the foundations of strong friendship, mutual cooperation and common interests, and are supported by mutual respect and trust.  

            The relations between the State of Qatar and the Portuguese Republic are of high interest to senior officials of the two countries in order to strengthen friendship and cooperation in all political, economic and social fields to achieve greater prosperity for our peoples and our countries.

            The State of Qatar seeks to maintain and advance its relations with Portugal toward a promising and prosperous future through the development of political, economic and cultural relations, as well as the facilitation of trade exchanges and investment opportunities for companies from both countries.

            Finally, I would like to thank all Portuguese friends who have contributed and are still contributing to the enrichment and strengthening of the Qatari- Portuguese relations.


Thank you.


Saad Ali Al Muhannadi

Ambassador of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Portugal